Its simple. Eriez Safehold Lifting Magnets work hard so you don't have to.

Lift more weight per volume of magnet with the handle-actuated SafeHold lift magnet powered by super-strength Rare Earth permanent magnet material.

Eriez' SafeHold Lift Magnets are ideal for carrying semi-finished products with flat surfaces such as machine parts, press molds for forming, steel plate, etc. Manually turned ON and OFF by rotating a lever approximately 180 degrees. Eriez Magnetics has a wide range of lifting magnets for various capacities of flat or round steel.

Eriez Lifting Magnets are available Worldwide.

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Eriez Safehold Lifting Magnets are ideal for handling steel plate, forging and burning tables. With a 2:1 safety ratio, you'll trust the raw strength of Eriez' Rare Earth magnets.


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Other Metalworking Products available from ERIEZ:

  • Fluid Filtration and Recycling Equipment

  • Material Handling

  • Metalworking Materials Separation

  • Magnetic Sweepers


    ERIEZ RPL Series Lifting Magnet Specifications





    ERIEZ Lifting Magnets are available worldwide. For United States and International Customers please visit Eriez.com

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